Best YouTube Niches and Ideas For Making Money- MRQIRF

As you all know, in today’s time YouTube has become such a big platform that people put their ideas on it, they make their vlog in the form of videos and those people earn money from them but we have seen many times that you make a YouTube channel.

But we do not understand which topic we should start making videos on and on which topic we will make videos and our channel should be monetized soon, you must have seen that we keep making videos, but the videos that are put on our channel.

Best YouTube Niches and Ideas For Making Money- MRQIRF

Views are not able to come on them quickly, due to which we get upset that we have to put so much good content, yet the views are not coming and you get very upset.

Then you think that only those who are already working can become successful on YouTube, but let us tell you that there is nothing like this, if you have put good content videos on your channel, then your channel will also grow and You will also start earning money soon if you really want to be a successful YouTuber, then you will have to work on the same type of Niche, so that you will soon become successful on YouTube, further we are going to tell you which best youtube niche by working on You can quickly grow your channel and become a good YouTuber.

Best YouTube Niches and Ideas For Making Money- MRQIRF

No.1 Technical field

Cyber ​​security In today’s time, cyber security has increased a lot and people are getting information about it from place to place because within the last few times, there have been many cases of hacking on the sites of companies and government institutions. With this, you can help people by providing a good cyber security program.

Website management

As you know, the population is very high in the world and that is why many people in business here are doing different types of business and as people are doing their business online. It is being added to the platform of e-commerce.

All those people are building a site for their business. So that their work becomes easier and they are writing blogs on their sites on their business. So that their business becomes more popular. Here you can help people, make people aware through your videos and tell them how the common man can make his own website, how to attach a chat board and How can I manage data.

How can I register myself and where can I buy a domain? Such small information, you can start your own and gradually increase your interest and can help people a lot and people keep searching for this thing everywhere. This will benefit you by subscribing to your channel and your video will become popular and you will generate good money.

Blockchain Technology

In today’s time, people are also trying to understand Blockchain technology in detail, how it works and education is also taking very seriously in the industry and Blockchain is going to become a very good important tool for health care.

A few years ago today, there was only 11000 crore spending on the blockchain. By 2023, there is going to be close to one lakh crore spending on the blockchain. If you are going to be on Blockchain technology then you can see how fast Blockchain technology is growing and if you make videos on it.

If you give information to people about it, then gradually you will grow inside it and your consultancy will increase, you can become a solution provider to people, you can tell people how to earn money from ware plate inside blockchain technology. Making videos on this will also prove to be very good for you and you will grow quickly.

Video Technology

You can make videos on video technology. As in today’s time, people are wanting to become Vloggers, want to become a video creator, then for this they first search on YouTube which camera is good. Which lens should be used, which stand is good, how sound is recorded, how light is used, how green screen works, what is green screen, there are many such things.

Which you can tell people in your videos and you can generate good income inside it. You can earn money from consultancy as well as by doing such work and people will also get a lot of help, you yourself will also know that in the beginning you too must have seen videos about this somewhere and you did not like it somewhere. It Will happen, Now you can make it by modifying it and you can also grow your channel.

Tech History 

As you all know that any object, any place, everyone has some history, and in the same way we get to know how old this object is, from where this object was created. And for what this item was made, similarly, you can tell the history of any product like the history of mobile phone, how mobile phones were made.

Where did you start, you have a laptop, computer, camera, and more technical equipment in it. About which you can tell people through your videos. You will not have this information soon and you can get good views from it and you can generate good money through ads on your videos.

With this, you can tell about tech cities, such as the cities which are connected with technology, the city of Shanghai, how technology has been developed in Silicon Valley, and which is such a city. Which goes along with the technology, which city is the most advanced in technology, how old is the technology of which city and you can tell at the same time. Which city in the world is it? Which are at the forefront of technology, which city is behind in this technology, which city is at number one, which city is at number last. Information about all this will attract people towards you and traffic will also increase so that you can earn good money.

Best YouTube Niches and Ideas For Making Money- MRQIRF


As you have seen that since Logdown was started, most of the children like to read online and studies are being done online, then you can give information related to this to the people and with this, you can create your channel. On which you can provide education to people, such as hobbies, and how you can fix your office, and whatever field you know, well you can inform people about that field on YouTube. As you must have seen, there are many teachers online. who is teaching online? Online you must be seeing that yoga classes are run, they also run, how to fix people’s habits, how to recognize people and a lot of extra information is on youtube.

The information about this does not end quickly, so you can also make your YouTube channel on it, when you will satisfy people, and people’s lives will change because of you, then people will thank you from the heart, and when people’s because of you. Knowledge will increase, he will like to watch more of your videos and soon your subscriber will increase. This is the best youtube niche to make money.


You must have seen on YouTube that very few videos have been made and posted by people over the time-lapse, first let us tell you.

What are time-lapse videos

like you have made a painting after working for many hours and you have shot it and then you have uploaded it to YouTube by fast-forwarding it?

Due to which people will get ideas from your video and will enjoy watching your video. Although your hard work was done for many hours, you will feel that it was done in 10 minutes but it is not so. People will also like your hard work fast-forward. ‘ By which people will be emotionally attached to you or you have made an idol. After working hard for hours and you have fast-forwarded it and put it on YouTube or you have made some sand art. You have put it on YouTube by adding music by fast-forwarding it, people will connect with you a lot and will love you wholeheartedly and will learn a lot from your videos. You can also start your channel on this topic.


You too often search on the Internet on Google or YouTube itself that How to do this because How to has become very possible for people to search anything because to search for anything We mostly use how to but how to where to use, How to use any other FIELD in the field of education you should know this information and if you make general How-to, then many channels are already made on it Is. Due to this, you will have to work harder and you will have to compete for more.

That’s why you make a lot of special videos like how to use waste products, you can tell people that which are useless things in our house which are of no use. Which we pick up and give it to the scrap dealer, or throw in the garbage. You can give all this information to the people, how can you use those items which are of no use and how they can be made new items and what they can do.

With this, you can also tell people how to organize your house. How to organize your batch and how you can decorate your home, how to organize your laptop, how to organize your mobile, how to organize your schedule, you can make a video on this which will be around you appears to you.

You can start your channel by adding all those things together. With this, your channel will grow quickly and good views will also come because you also know. We also give the waste lying in our house to the garbage man. If we know how to use it in a good way, then we can also tell others and how to save our waste product from it and you can also provide good knowledge to people and generate good money.


As you have often seen. There is so much curiosity inside some children. He keeps on trying to know the thing, like how the balm works, how the fridge works. How does this thing work? Meaning some kids behind the object are quite good and somewhere inside you will also have an idea of ​​how it works. How do they do these things, what are the facts behind them?

You can use this topic and with this, you can also write like Five facts about Indian media, 10 facts about Indian cricket, Facts about world birds, Facts about animals, Facts about Indian people, and only you can tell.

What happened on this day and this topic will bring a lot of curiosity in you too. You will also get knowledge and you can also provide knowledge to people and it does not end quickly, you will get to see many topics on it and if you start your channel on it. You will grow fast and generate good money.


As you all know there are many stories in the world. There are many myths hidden in every country. There is scientific logic behind them. So you can inform people that it does not happen like this. What is the scientific reason behind this, why does it happen, in today’s time you must have seen that people like this thing more than there are things like ghosts but science has proved this thing that there is no such thing as a ghost.

It does not happen and you can make people more aware about it, due to which fear will start coming out from inside people and people will be very attractive towards you and will also grow a lot on your channel so that you can generate good money.


This topic is popular all over the world, that is, education, maths, physics, chemistry, history, and they can provide people with knowledge of all subjects. You go deep inside it and take the knowledge inside it and you can share the knowledge inside it with people. Due to this your knowledge will also increase and the person in front will also increase and people will like you soon. Will also search your video if you are providing education to people like you are preparing for a competitive exam and you are able to understand.

You make a video of it, upload it on YouTube, and the person in front and just recently online study has given a turnover of more than 14000 crores. You can understand how much the scope of online study is. Anyway, it’s growing. Everyone likes to read online, so you can also start your online channel and generate good money.

Best YouTube Niches and Ideas For Making Money- MRQIRF


In today’s time, every shopkeeper or every unemployed person who is not able to get a job, government job, the private job is not available, then he thinks that there is some small business.

Get it done and move forward in your life, you must have also seen many examples who have started a big business by starting small, but friends, in today’s time, people have only one means to provide us, that is our mobile.

Inside the phone, mobile phone all people open youtube and search on it how to do business, so in this way you can give information about the business, how to start a business, where to get information about it, from where to get from the material.

You can provide all the information about how you can move forward, and you can tell that if you have a small business, then how can you grow it, how you can advertise, because all of you People know that if someone’s business is not running, then what does he see in the mobile, either you play the game Gay or else, in order to grow your business, someone will find some business idea.

if you provide information about it to those people, then you will have to give some unique knowledge about the business to those people so that their business will grow and people Liked your video and thereby increase the subscriber on your channel and you can generate good money through AIDS And at the same time, you can share with people good tools, unique ideas, resources, latest trends, all this information with people by collecting step by step and outside knowledge and provide people with good KNOWLEDGE Can be provided and earn money yourself.


Let us tell you that there are THOUSANDS of startups in the world every day, but people spread due to lack of knowledge, so can you tell people how to start? How to save your funding? How to create your network?

Apart from this, there is a lot of other knowledge that you can provide to people and the channel built on it is also going to give you very good news, because in today’s time everyone wants that your start is GOOD and startup. Everyone comes to YouTube to get information about this, which will benefit you people and you can generate good money by putting ads on it.


As you must have heard that how much money that businessman has earned, what is the work done by that business, then you must have a desire to know how this businessman has earned so much money, then do a YouTube foot search.

If yes, then you can also show the story of a successful businessman in your videos as well as show the story of a businessman who fails in business, how people fail in business and what we need to be successful in business. We should work and what mistakes we should not do to carry forward the business.

you can give information about all these to the people and you people should know about business books, case studies, what is the situation recently, information about all that You can give it to the people, you can also grow your channel by putting a summary of any businessman’s book inside it and earn good money.

Best YouTube Niches and Ideas For Making Money- MRQIRF

No.4 Fashion & Lifestyle

In today’s time, people are very much behind fashion and everyone wants to get information about good fashionable things and want to get information about good lifestyle and about which you can create a channel and give information about what is new trending fashion.

You can give information to the people about what is going on and what fashion-related things are coming inside the market and what products the company has launched, which health-related products are good for you.

There are, which products harm you, you can give information about all these on your YouTube channel, although you cannot earn well through it, you can also earn good money by publicizing the company’s product and company. This is also a good option to earn money through YouTube.


In today’s run-of-the-mill world, we are not able to take special care of our hair and face and for this care, we use products made in most companies which provide us good help and which helps our hair and skin.

It is fine and this industry is also very big if you are an expert in this field and can solve people’s problems, can tell people, what things should not be used, what should be used, which products are bad. What are the disadvantages, you can make a video on it and what you have to do, you can tell about yourself, how you use them, how you can take care of your hair, which people will like very much?

people will start joining you, you also have to keep one important thing in mind if you are not export about this thing and you have not done any course then you do not give solution to people because if anything harms any person. If it happens, he can take any legal action against you, so you can only give that much information. Provide as much as you have and if someone is harmed because of you, then your channel can also be closed and people will not like you, then keeping all these things in mind, you can also make your channel on top of it. And can generate good money.


In today’s time, we all like to do fashion very much and often we make some mistakes while doing make-up while wearing clothes or doing something else, then you can give solution to people regarding this thing, that How to do makeup, what should not be done while doing makeup, what mistakes should not be done while wearing clothes.

you can tell people how important is the color combination, in our everyday life and how much it affects our lifestyle. Well, you can tell, 5 things you shouldn’t do while wearing makeup, 5 things you shouldn’t do while wearing clothes, 5 things you shouldn’t do while going on a date.

5 things that You should not do while going out, you can tell how to dress at the time of the interview, how to dress during the meeting, you can give people a lot of ideas related to this, it depends on you and you How hard can you work on it and how much you can grow yourself in front of people because the more you grow, the more people will come. Join us and you will generate good money.


In the earlier times, people did not pay much attention to plus size fashion, but in today’s time the plus-size market is making a lot of progress in the world and in today’s time it has become the market of MILLIONS. On top of this, if you can create a channel and tell people, which clothes suit, which accessories suit, and on top of this you can also give a lot of tips to people so that your channel will grow quickly and You can add update income link on top of it. You can deal with any brand, show their brand on your channel and you can generate good money.


In today’s time, you must have seen that there are many channels, on which people buy things that are unboxed, then you can also make your channel on it and tell people what things we should buy, what things What should not be bought, which things are good, which things are bad and which things are going to be useful for us in lifestyle, you people can tell by making videos and whatever product you buy for yourself.

If you buy any gadget related to your fashion, then you can unbox it and put its video on YouTube and you can add something different from your side inside it which you do not get to see on YouTube. On which you can not get and on that you can make your own and from this, you can generate good money and move forward in life.

Best YouTube Niches and Ideas For Making Money- MRQIRF


In today’s time, everyone is frustrated because in today’s busy life people do not get time for entertainment, so you can create your own channel related to online entertainment and you can entertain people. You must have seen that people are Make small videos and make videos in the form of small topics.

if you will also make on top of that. So you will get to see a lot of competition and there is a lot of competition in it, so you have to suck up to something new and special.

One of these is animation videos, in today’s time, whether it is small or big, everyone likes to watch animation videos and they get good enjoyment from them and their mind is also fresh. It’s a bit tough, it will take some effort. But as soon as you grow from it, you will not be able to make a video of your face.

This is going to make you grow soon and even if you go inside the animation, you will get many channels on top of it and you can provide education along with animation, this will increase the knowledge of young children and It will be fun to watch them too.

Because young children like to watch animations very much and in many places even older people like to watch animations, you can also do professional art inside education through entertainment, whatever you know about professional art.

With this, you can present any kind of comedy or any kind of fun that people like, you can entertain people by playing the guitar, playing the piano, with your dance, with your comedy, you can entertain any people with your comedy.

You can perform yourself in art and by this you can grow your channel and generate good money, also through AIDS, because if you do ad shows on animations, then people don’t even mind And they skip it and start looking ahead, which will increase your subscribers and you can earn good money.

Best YouTube Nches and Ideas for Making Money


As you all know, in today’s time everyone wants to invest but he does not know where he can invest and where he cannot invest, where he will get more benefit from investing and where to invest. Will it hurt you and how to invest? What are the modes of investment?

You can give information about mutual funds and stocks to people through your videos and tell them how they work? How do you run? How money is earned and how are there losses in it? If you have a lot of knowledge about all these then you also have experience and your interest too, about this then you will have more chances to grow yourself in this field, more chances increase and at the same time.

You can also share your life experience with people, that I invested money on this today, earned money from here and in this way I grew myself, every day you can show live people and if you are long-term investor So, you can give information related to it to the people and you will be very surprised to know that there are BILLIONS of investors in mutual funds, this is a very large number in itself, so from this you can get an idea of ​​how much this field is growing itself. And you can earn good money and after the world is so populated, people in the world are investing a lot of work in the stock market.

it means that people have less knowledge about the stock market and if you can help people through your videos. If you give information, people will start joining you and will start watching your videos. And your channel will be monetized quickly and in this way, you can earn good money by putting updated links, etc. on those videos.

Online earning option

As you know, Corona has slowed down everyone’s business like people do not have money and people have grown more towards earning money online and people still do not know how to make money online.

you can tell people what is marketing how is income you can tell people about it There are people between 35 to 35 who invest their time on the internet every day and from this you can get an idea of ​​how active the youth is on the internet and they search videos on youtube every day to earn money through internet.

you Can tell the youth through his video that how people between 15 to 30 years can earn through the internet and how they can take out their expenses and tell them if someone has a new job. How can I invest my money at the age of one?

How can you save your money for the future and you can tell people in which age where to invest how much money? In this way, you can present the financial model in front of the people. Due to which people will benefit a lot and there is one more special thing inside this which I am going to tell you is insurance, and you must have heard the name of insurance and if you belong with the field of insurance then you have to say What?

You will have complete knowledge about how insurance is done in insurance. You can also tell all the details about how your installment is filled, although people are less involved in this, all those who join, are all loyal and they will help you to generate good money. Helps a lot and he will watch your videos every day and understand them every day and will also give suggestions to people about it. You will not even have to ask to share the video in it. He himself will share your videos. If you have put good content on it and in this way also you can generate good money by creating your new channel.

Best YouTube Niches and Ideas For Making Money- MRQIRF


Due to COVID-19, a lot of fear has arisen among people and people are not able to get out of this fear, so people are paying a lot of attention to their fitness, because of being quarantined, people are not able to eat and drink. The method has changed.

People stopped going to the gym and working out. With this, you can make related videos and tell health tips to people. How those people can fix their physical health, what workouts they can do at home and you can tell people in this.

How can he fix his mental health? By doing yoga, by doing pranayama, you can tell many other things. You are related to their fitness and you are related to immunity and within the last few times between 2 to 8 crore, people definitely search for this thing.

How to keep yourself fit How to increase your immunity and everyone is going more towards online to keep themselves fit because the weight is not known when the weight should be decreased and when it should increase.

People are keeping themselves fit by connecting with people online, taking care of their fitness, taking care of their food, watching videos, and downloading apps, and the health industry is a very big industry.

People are getting involved a lot in it, different companies will find different fitness models giving you tips, so from this, you can get an idea of ​​how much craze is there about fitness in the whole world due to Covid-19. You can create related videos, create vlogs.

Can give information to people, how you can keep fit at home and at the same time you yourself will be fit and will also keep fit. There are many ways to keep healthy fit in this too, number 1 is dance if you are fond of dance and know how to dance, then you can tell people how they can keep themselves fit through dance and can also enjoy Is.

This is also a good way, you can tell people how to keep yourself fit and you can also tell its benefits, you can also tell people what age people should dance and how much. You can become a Zumba expert and do aerobics and teach people. If you know about it.

If you have an interest in yoga and you know how to do yoga and you are a yoga trainer, yoga certified then you can share your knowledge with people.

Depends on the level of your skill, how much you have improved yourself, if you are in good shape then you can share the posture and also you can tell people its benefits and you can tell people, Which disease is cured with the help of

In which disease which yoga should not be done, in which disease which yoga is good to do and which food you should take while doing yoga, at what time should be taken. You can tell all these things to people.

You have to tell people about this in detail so that they can understand better and like you and you can tell people how big science is behind which asana and how they work in our body and as you know If yoga is very popular all over the world, then it will be easy to make videos on it if you know how to do yoga, then keep engaged and earn good money.

Now let’s talk further about fitness that if you are a gym trainer or fitness trainer, then you can make a video in detail on body building, which part of the body will train by doing which exercise.

What harm can you do by doing which exercise and if you want to do gym in the beginning, which workout you should not do, which food should not be taken and if you are a professional then which workout you should do.

A lot of things that you can tell people and you can tell people what food you should take before the gym and after the gym. Which food would not be good for you? Above this also you should know in detail.

When you will give information to people in detail, if you are not aware of the details about it, then do not give information to anyone because the information given by you can cause problems to anyone, or there can be a life-threatening disease. If you train well and you know then only then you tell people and in many studies, we have come to know that only our food plays 70% role in making our body, then from this, you can guess that food How important is it to us?

With this, you can share healthy recipes with people according to your interest and tell them what are the disadvantages of eating and what are the benefits of eating them and also you can tell them about healthy food items. You can give healthy food ideas and by creating a channel on it, you can do yourself good and generate good money.

Best YouTube Niches and Ideas For Making Money- MRQIRF


In today’s time, everyone all over the world likes to watch movies, and watching movies gives people a different experience. This gives them a different feeling and people like to watch movies like action drama romance which entertains people a lot.

You can tell people how much effort has gone into making this movie or writing its story. Where is this movie taken from? What is the history of this movie and how much effort was put into filming this scene of this movie.

What did it take to do this scene? You can show people how hard the actor worked, how hard the director worked, how hard the writer worked, to do this scene.

Due to which the interest of the people will increase, even more, you can show people inside every scene. How is this light installed, how is the blue going on inside it? How dinosaurs were shown inside it, how they move in the air, and all the heroes why they don’t die after jumping from such a height, how car stunts are done, how bomb blast stunts are done, how to shoot How stunts are done, how to do sabotage stunts that you can tell from inside people.

You can tell people that we make what we have ignored and also you must have seen many such movies whose concept is not clear to you, that what was in the movies, you liked the movie but you like the movie. If you do not understand the concept, then what concept of movies can you tell people on your channel.

You can tell what is happening in the movies, what you wanted to explain, the director needed many more details. For those who do not understand this thing, you can tell people those things which people have missed or did not pay attention or you can clear the things which they did not understand and through this also you can generate good money on youtube.


As you see every week, new web series or some movie is released, some new TV serial keeps on releasing. You can predict that what can happen in the next season, what is going to happen in the next season, what is the possibility, you can represent it in front of people by thinking with your mind, although it is not necessary that what you told but you Can tell people and people also enjoy the thing that what is going to happen next There are some seasons about which if you give production in advance then people will like it more like you have recently You must have seen that after the 4th season of Money Heist WEBSERIES, people were very excited about the 5th season and people wanted to know what is going to happen in the fifth season, so you can make predictions by thinking about it with your mind in advance. , that it will happen as if even in the fifth season, people did not understand anything about what is going to happen in the next season.

You can make videos on it and tell people that may be in the next season it will happen, the professor will do whatever information you understand, you can share it with people and people also enjoy it, every single movie, every single web The series has a loyal audience.

Who wants to know about him, what are your thoughts, what are my thoughts. After that, you come to YouTube and search for what is going to happen next, so if you have made a video on it, then now he will see your video and will also subscribe to your channel and one thing that is going to be kept in mind is this. While making all the videos, there should be detailed information about the copyright policy, fair use policy and you should make videos only after taking care of them. So that it does not happen that you make a video and put it on copyrights, then take care. If you do this then you can generate good money from youtube.

Best YouTube Niches and Ideas For Making Money- MRQIRF


Be it old or young, people of any age, everyone likes to eat spicy. No one forbids that today we should not eat anything new and if you have interest in cooking.

You can make your own channel on how to cook food well and you can tell your secret recipe and secret recipes can have mom’s secret recipe and can tell about which of our grandmother’s era The recipe was popular and healthy.

You can tell as if there is a famous dish which is famous and old recipes. You find it and give details about it and in this way you can make your own special channel and you will know that people have made thousands of channels on food, so you have to think of something special.

Which is very special and people have not imagined it, then it can happen only. When you bring out an old recipe and a good idea for this is also that you can pick up the foods from the movie as you must have seen in many movies you get to see different types of delicious food and about that people If you give information, you can extract information about it and inform people, that you must have seen that food in that movie or recipe made in that country, this food was shown in that movie.

You can give details about it to the people and this will increase the interest of people towards you and you will also get new information and it is not necessary that you have to make videos every day.

You can sometimes make videos on it, you can make it your part-time channel, then this is also a good option to grow yourself on YouTube and you can also make it on different festivals in different countries. You can give information about the food, how that FOOD is made, how it is tested, you can also do this through live video and share all its recipes in front of people as well as with You can tell people.

What is the importance of this food in this festival and with this you can also tell one more special thing that you can pick up any 5 things from which you know how to make a good recipe and share it in front of the people that on my channel you just need five things? Only the recipe made from it will be seen.

People will also be surprised to see this thing and will subscribe to your channel soon and you will like it very much and you can pick up any FOOD of any country whether it is from any country, pick any food you can tell people It is made of only five things and what is the test of how it is made from five things, what is its recipe, all the things can be told to the people in detail.

Best YouTube Niches and Ideas For Making Money- MRQIRF

No.10 Travel

Traveling Everyone loves to travel and everyone wants to know about new places. One wants to enjoy the weather, the people there, and the food there. But now covid19 had closed everything, people do not want to go anywhere because of covid and are getting bored sitting in the house.

But those people who are fond of traveling are waiting for when Covid and when those people get to roam, before that people will search and plan, which country would be good to visit, in which place it would be good to visit. You can make VIDEO on that thing, which thing of which city is famous.

Which food is famous in which city? Even inside travel, you have to keep in mind the things that people can afford because not everyone is rich, some have more money, some have less, then accordingly so that they can travel with less expenses and Can enjoy.

Because all the people in the world, after earning money, they want to roam in life and there are some countries where people like to travel more along with their work if you also know by going to someplace. First, you first take the information about that place.

In the same way, if you also make your videos on it, then it will be normal to visit your videos and you will generate good money from YouTube and with this, you can give detailed information to people about historical buildings, historical places, and people. You can also tell your channel whether it is within your budget or not and if you tell people in a low budget, then many students, middle-class families will join your channel, and the reach on your channel will also increase a lot.

You can show the religious places of any country, you can show its beliefs and you can tell its culture to the people, that this is the culture of this country.

This is the culture of this country because each country has its own culture. Together you can also make a video on the ghostly place and tell people what people think about this haunted place. What are the views of the local people there and what stories have been made on this thing?

You can tell and you can also tell people that this is actually a haunted palace or it is just false and stereotypical beliefs of people and only then do you make videos or vlogs on this thing. If you do not believe in ghosts and if you or any of your friends believe in a lot of ghosts, then do this at your own risk and people will like all this and people will like to join your VIDEO and you Through this also you can earn good money from youtube.

Conclusion –

We hope that the information given by us will prove to be beneficial for you and if you work on these things, create your YouTube channel and work a lot on it, then definitely you too as a successful is definitely the best youtube niche for beginners or any Youtubers. You can make your mark and become successful on YouTube. You must have formed some idea before. Now it is up to you which best youtube niche ideas you would like to work with more. How did you like this information of ours, you must tell us by commenting in the comment section and which thing you like the most, you tell us.

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