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what causes shortness of breath

Just as breathing occurs continuously and frequently due to running and running, if breath comes even after sitting comfortably, then it is known as ‘asthma disease or respiratory disease’. Following are the reasons for the occurrence of this disease

These are the main causes of difficulty in breathing.

  • By consuming substances that cause inflammation, stop the late-digesting, dry and juicy veins from taking heaviness.
    By drinking cold water and consuming cold food.
    Due to dust and smoke entering the mouth and nose.
  • Due to extreme wind.
    By working very hard or carrying heavy loads.
  • By walking a lot.
  • Preventing the disease of excreta etc.
  • Hesitation from fasting etc., causing respiratory and coughing diseases.

Breath Problem

Special- Hiccups and respiratory diseases have only one cause, that is, the reasons for which hiccups arise, often due to many reasons, respiratory diseases also occur.

There are 5 types of breathing diseases (1)breathlessness (2) upward breathing (3) broken breath (4) slack breath (5) short breath.

What are the symptoms of shortness of breath?

This is the main disease of breathlessness. (1) Pain in the heart (2) Colic (3) Aphasia (4) Bad taste in the mouth and (5) Pain like breaking bone in temples.

Symptoms of breathlessness

The breath of the one who has great breath makes its sound and climbs upwards. Due to the upward movement of Prana Vayu, the patient suffers greatly. Just as a bull that has stopped after escaping or has not performed sexual intercourse for a few days, breathes, in the same way, a patient of great breath breathes.

The patient of breathlessness forgets the scriptures he has read. There is confusion in the eyes of the patient. His eyes become fickle or torn. The stool and urine stop and his tongue licks. If the patient speaks, a very slow sound comes out, but the sound of breathing can be heard from a distance.

The patient in whom all these symptoms are found – is called a patient of breathlessness.

upward breathing-

One who is exalted, his breath rises very high. never comes down All the holes and mouth of his body are covered with phlegm. Air does not find a way to move freely, that is why it becomes angry and causes severe pain. The eye of the patient of upward breathing is always upwards.

He looks around badly, faints, is tormented by pain, has a dry mouth, and sobs with restlessness. In upward breathing, the patient is unable to breathe downward. Among all the types of breaths, this breath rises very high, that is its specialty.

Shortness of breath symptoms-

One who has a broken breath breathes with all his might. There is a pain in the heart, chest, and head of a patient with shortness of breath as if someone were to pierce it. He cannot breathe on time (when he should inhale).

The patient feels very sad due to flatulence, sweating, fainting, and burning sensation in the bladder. His eyes are filled with water. The body becomes very weak. There is excitement in the mind. He talks nonsense and gasps continuously. His face dries up. The body color deteriorates or changes and one eye becomes red. The patient dies immediately.

Symptoms of sluggish breathing-

When air leaves its path and enters the veins through the wrong routes, it causes constriction of the neck and head, increased phlegm, pus or cold in the nose, hoarseness in the throat, and acute breathing disease afflicting the heart. This is called Tamaka breathing. One who breathes smack, sees himself lying in deep darkness and finds himself stricken. Becomes unconscious with the speed of breathing and becomes unconscious again and again due to coughing.

Then the phlegm starts coming out of his throat, then he feels great pain, but when the phlegm comes out, then he gets peace for a while. There is a pain in the throat of the patient suffering from pungent breathing, that is why he finds it difficult to speak. When the patient sleeps or lies down, there is severe pain in the ribs due to wind, so he gets up immediately and sits down.

Getting up and sitting gives some relief. This is the reason why the patients with stagnation of breath sit overnight with a pillow in front of them or with their forehead resting against the wall.

The patient of stagnation of breath craves hot things. His eyes remain high and swollen. The head sweats and the mouth becomes dry.

There is a lot of pain and the patient keeps on taking frequent breaths and moving like an elephant gasping wrestler. slack breath increases due to cloudiness, raining water, cold air, and eating and drinking phlegmatic substances.

slack breath is a painful disease. When the disease is new, good treatment gives relief.

Breath problem

suffocating patient-

A patient with sluggish breathing becomes unconscious due to the velocity of the breath. If there is a lot of thirsts, sweating, phlegm in the throat making noises from house to house (especially during rainy days), if breathing is accompanied by snoring, cough, and loud phlegm. If the patient’s strength has decreased and if he feels difficulty in sleeping, then he should be considered as ‘Tamaak breathing’.

the patient cannot sleep in suffocating breathing. Sleeping gives him pain, but sitting gives relief to the patient. The breath of a patient with sluggish breathing increases with phlegm substances. He feels pain from cold substances but feels happiness after reducing his suffering from hot substances.

Symptoms of Pratamak Breathing – The smack breath in which fainting and fever also occur is called ‘Spiritaka Breath’. Breathing is accompanied by fainting and fever and become calm with cold diets and habits – the increase is ‘symbolic breathing’. The reactive breath in which there is fainting and fever, which arises from subaltern disease, due to inhalation of dust, indigestion, fatigue and by stopping the velocity of stool and urine, etc.

He is greatly increased by tamoguni-hot substances and becomes pacified by cold foods and practices, in which the patient becomes immersed in darkness.

shortness of breath symptoms-

This creates dryness and difficulty in breathing. This breath increases the air but does not cause much pain and suffering to the patient like other breaths. Does not interfere with eating and drinking and does not hurt the senses. This breathing disease is curable, gets relief easily.

The sluggish breathing of a weak patient is also incurable. Although many diseases like typhoid fever and cholera etc. are life-threatening, diseases like shortness of breath and hiccups kill as quickly as other diseases do not.

If there is shortness of breath, then the main thing to remember in the treatment of respiratory disease is that the patient should sit on the same bed in a ventilated room as soon as he has a breath attack.

Similarly, soaking a cloth in hot water as much as the patient can bear comfortably, the patient’s chest should be baked for 10-15 minutes, or a little rock salt should be rubbed very finely in cow’s milk and rubbed from the middle of the patient’s chest to the throat.

Fill as much hot water as the patient can bear in a wide and deep vessel and keep both the feet of the patient in it. By doing this remedy, the force of breathing (seizures) decreases immediately.

cure for shortness of breath(Panacea of breathlessness)

  • Crush 10-15 pieces of seedless raisins and mix them in 125 grams milk, 125 grams water. When the water burns and the milk remains, then after filtering the stool and mixing 4-5 pieces of black pepper powder and 1 tola of sugar candy, it should be given hot little by little (3-4 times). Or, grinding 5-7 almonds in white meringue water and filtering it with a cloth and giving it a lot on the fire should be given or only hot milk or hot water should be given to the patient. Or Drakshavaleh should be taken or in case of cough with excessive cough, 6-6 grams of ginger juice and honey should be licked.
  • In the hot season, cold water should be used for drinking and bathing and hot water in the winter season to the breathing patient. The patient should be kept in a ventilated, clean house where there is clean air and sunlight and there is no dampness, etc. and there should be no crowd near the patient. If the patient is sorry, clean plain air should be fed in the morning and evening. It is essential to protect it from both extreme cold and heat.
  • Breathing patient more work, the heavy meal, stale bread, food at night, the most consumed Inflammatory and pungent foods, pickles, ketchup, tea, coffee, fish, meat and Indigestion, etc. should be avoided.
Breath problem

When the attack of breathing is calm

Salted wheat porridge, finely washed moong dal and sago should be given to the patient for 1-2 days. Such simple food should be given daily which gets digested soon. The second meal should be given after 6 hours of the first meal.

Very little food should be given in the evening and before the sun sets because by eating late at night and in excess, the breath increases due to inability to digest food wheat, moong, barley, cow’s milk, grapes, banana, orange, Pomegranate, almonds, grapes, raisins, parwal brinjal, luffa, bitter gourd, and spinach are all dietary, so you can feel free to consume them according to the season.

breathing Remedies

Diet-dietary laxatives, sweating, daytime sleepiness, Old Sathi Rice, Red Shali Rice, Wheat, Barley, Old Ghee, Honey, Parwal, Chawla, Jeevanti, Suli, Poi Ka Saag, Brinjal, Garlic, Jambhori Lemon, Bijora Lime, Kundru, Dates, Small cardamom, pohkar cool, tr, dry ginger, black pepper, pepper, and hot water are dietary. In the day-old rice, moong, lentils, bitter gourd, and ripe safflower greens, goat’s milk, dates, pomegranate, gooseberry, And sugar candy, etc. are also dietary provided that the patient has the power to digest.

Wheat bread in the night and vegetables etc. is the diet. It is beneficial to eat light and fast food in small quantities at night.

Infidelity- Stopping thirst and coughing, brushing teeth, working hard, carrying a load on the road, getting dust in the throat, staying in the sun, eating things that are digested late, eating things that irritate the liver, the bottom of oil- Eating roasted things, drawing blood, eating east wind.

drinking a lot of water, sheep’s ghee and milk, muddy water, fish, greens of tubers, mustard, dry-cold, and heavy (late digested) foods- Drinking is a bad thing in respiratory disease. Too much exertion, grief, anger, worry, waking up at night, overeating curd, black pepper, mango – all these are very harmful in breathing diseases.

Contributory Causes of breathing Disease Age – This disease can occur in all stages. It is special in childhood and old age.

  • it is seen twice as much in males than in females. Kulaj Pratiksha – Breathing is a hereditary disease and when the lineage is traditional, its origin is quick. Several individuals are seen suffering in a lineage. Due to the diseases of the parents and the ancestors of the ancestors, respiratory diseases also arise in their progeny. There is no such rule that disease is born from father to child, disease can also come from mother to son. This disease can occur in any lineage or caste. Rather it is a worldwide (worldwide) disease.

due to respiratory disease

It occurs in areas with cool and humid climates and in cloudy, rainy, cold. Kaal- Respiratory disease attacks especially in autumn and rainy season. This disease is most affected during winters, but some people get more attacks of breath in summers.

Circumstances There is more public contact, filth, etc. The spread of disease in places is more.
Contaminated atmosphere and factories, occupied by dust, smoke particles,
People working in cloth and wood factories (mills) are more prone to this disease.
breathing arises due to excessive exertion and lack of nutrition due to lack of strength.

Modern methods of breathing disease diagnosis

There are many strange things related to breathing disease. This disease is usually started or acquired by excessive sneezing or itching and polyuria. Shitpitta, Udde Vispar, etc. skin and medicinal hay fever and the attack of penetrating dyspnoea also change with it.

Physical signs – The patient of breathing usually suffers from shortness of breath during the night and this disease can be diagnosed immediately after hearing the loud sound of evening and evening.

How to diagnose severe breathing disease?

  • On examination of the disease, his breathing rate or the number of exhalations per minute decreases. The reason for this is that after deep breathing the force of exhalation of air which is 3500 C C (3500 C C.) decreases and the air remains in both the exhalation and the patient gets less oxygen. From this his face appears anxious, faint-like and somewhat blue. The veins of the cervix appear somewhat swollen.
  • By listening with a stethoscope, whistling sound is heard with inhalation and exhalation, inhalation is short and weak and difficult to hear and exhalation is heard long and long.
  • Pulse – The pulse of the patient of respiratory disease is always short and fast in motion. Low Blood Pressure is low.
  • Blood tests Eosinophils in the blood range from 5 to 10 percent. Whereas it is found naturally in healthy humans from 1 to 4 percent.

What makes phlegm in the body?

Crystals are especially seen in the phlegm. Phlegm is sticky and has pluga and spirals and Kapha is lumpy and sticky like boiled sago. Flutter is visible in the stomach region. The velocity of breathing has no fixed time but usually increases at midnight.

The easier it is to diagnose respiratory disease, the more difficult it is to treat.

Children’s breathing disease

Children’s breathing disease is also found in infants and young children due to infection. Coming in contact with people suffering from the common cold causes respiratory diseases. The child’s airways are very tight, due to which there is sometimes a blockage in them when they become inflamed, due to which air passes through the tight space at the time of impetation, there is a sound of chest breathing and cough due to increase in phlegm, Symptoms such as shortness of breath, etc. occur, in places with phlegm-predominant climate, children are seen to have more respiratory diseases and in most children, the heat is found to be increased.

If the parents of the children are also of phlegm nature, then consider the attack of this disease to be inevitable in the childhood of the children and winter season being especially Kaphavardhak season, common Kasa fever also assumes the form of respiratory disease and pneumonia. Weak sick children get attacks of respiratory diseases as soon as they get a little cold.

Cause of disease – The number of eosinophils increases in diseases of colic, surgical diseases, skin diseases, respiratory diseases, tumors of bone, endocrine glands, and blood-producing institutions and in allergic growth.

Symptoms – Irregular slow-down fever, diarrhea, Kaas, impetuous breathlessness, anemia, and indigestion – these are the symptoms. Jwaragman usually takes place in the evening. In terms of symptoms, this disease is very similar to respiratory and tuberculosis, however, it has some characteristics of its own.

  • This disease is more common in boys than girls in childhood and youth.
  • Cough attack in the middle of the night is often like dyspnea, respiratory disease, but in respiratory disease, it is not the same as that which occurs in the exhalation. (3) Cough comes at the end in respiratory disease and remains in its velocity from beginning to end. Exhalation: The breath is prolonged. Apart from cough with breathlessness, symptoms of mild fever, anorexia, vomiting, anaemia also occur in the evening. This disease can last for months at a slow speed.
  • Like tuberculosis, there is no rapid heart rate or pulse, and similar cough, not getting up night and day, is special only at night and on sputum examination, the bacteria of decay are not found in the sputum.

Note –In the X-ray of the patient of this disease, the symptoms of Bronchialmarkings or Bronchial Striations Hilar Shaclows and Mottled Shadow ie – the shadow of the respiratory tubes are clear and a picture of Pneumonitis is found. But the shadow is not at all in the top of the lungs like in tuberculosis.

feasibility- This disease is not incurable. There is a law to use pure somal (sankhiya) in Ayurveda medicine in Kaphaj respiratory disease. Therefore, this disease is cured by the use of Sankhiye and Manasila. Malla vermilion and sigh kuthar juice are excellent remedies in the treatment of this disease.

Some successful and simple home remedies for breathing diseases.

  • Taking 6-6 grams of ginger swarus, honey mixed together ends breathing, cough and phlegm. If this recipe is consumed during a respiratory attack, then it is very beneficial.
  • Taking 11.66 grams of jaggery and mustard oil, mixing it with plenty of churn, licking it for 21 or 60 days, the disease goes away from the root. Goes
  • Eating 9 grams of areet kernels daily in the morning for 15 days caused breathing diseases.
  • Mixing the vowel of bel leaves, the sound of ace leaves, and 6-6 grams of mustard oil after taking it for 6 days ends severe respiratory disease.
  • Mixing the powder of Pohkarmool in the decoction of Dashmool and drinking it destroys the breath.
  • Burn large mussels to ashes, then dissolve them in ginger juice and make gram-sized tablets and keep them safe. Taking 1-1 tablet in the morning and evening cures the breathing diseases.
  • Take 23.33 grams of alum and sugar candy on fire. Grind and mix both. Taking 1 or 2 grams of this medicine daily in the morning ends respiratory disease.
  • Peel a Jamalgota and burn its seed on a lamp.. When it becomes ash, grind it to make 4 quantities. By keeping the quantity in Bangla paan daily, it gets relief in asthma by releasing phlegm from the chest and throat.
  • Bring a thick stick of euphorbia and pulverize it from one side, then fill 50 grams of alum in it and close your mouth and make cuproti. After that, keep the sticks in the fire of kands and burn them. When the fire cools down, take out the alum from the stick. Out of this, taking 0.5 grams of this alum in a betel daily, it cures asthma in 15-20 days.
  • Licking pepper and pohvarmool in honey cures respiratory disease.
  • Cow, elephant, horse, pig, camel, donkey, sheep and goat are cured of respiratory diseases by squeezing the dung of any one of these animals and mixing honey in it. It is beneficial for those who have a lot of phlegm in their throat and chest.
  • Take equal quantity of black pepper and turmeric, filter the piece and keep it safe. Mixing 3 pieces of it and licking it gives relief in all types of breathing and severe stomach upset.
  • After extracting the juice of soft leaves of Aak, soak it in this juice and dry it, then make Sattu. By eating this sattu with honey, respiratory disease goes away.
  • Ghee, honey (mixing unequal amounts mixed with ghee, honey) provides relief in breathing disease.
  • Scrape off the inner fiber part of the banana and put some black pepper in it. Taking them out of bananas early in the morning, roasting them on slow fire, eating them ends respiratory diseases. Taking 1-1 grams powder of nutmeg and clove mixed with 3 grams honey and 0.25 grams Bangabhasma ends breathing diseases.

  • Filter the pieces of Vividang, dry ginger, black pepper, and small pepper and keep it safe. Mixing 4 grams of honey and 0.5 grams of Abhrak Bhasma in one and a half month’s powder, take it, it ends breathing, cough, colic, mango, stomatitis, caries, leprosy, heartburn, and stomach diseases.
  • Taking 3 grams of honey and 0.50 grams of Abhrak Bhasma mixed with one and a half pieces of pepper powder, takes the disease of breath, Ksha-Kshaya, Kapha-Kshaya, Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Prameha, Vishrog, Pandu, and Prama diseases.
  • 4 grams of tulsi leaves, 1 gram of ground black pepper and 4 grams of ghee – by mixing them regularly, the disorders of Vata, Kapha, breathing etc. are destroyed.
  • Take a little rock salt and grind it finely and keep it safe. After this, mixing it with cow’s butter and rubbing it from the middle of the chest to the groin removes phlegm and the respiratory disease becomes calm.
  • Muni linseed 34.99 grams and black pepper 11 grams both grind and keep. Mixing 6 grams of this powder with one and a half tola of honey, taking it every day in the morning gives relief in breathing and removes phlegm from chest and throat.
  • Grind a little black salt and keep it safe. Take 2 grams of salt on the first day at bedtime. On the second day 2.5 grams and on the third day 3 grams. In this way, increase salt in half a month every day and feed salt at bedtime. When the amount of salt reaches 6 grams, then feed 6 grams every day. If you feel thirsty, drink hot water. By using this recipe, the respiratory disease goes away from the root in a month.
  • Grind equal quantity (6-6 grams) of harad and saunth or sweet koot and javakhar or black pepper and pepper with water and take it with hot water and take it with hot water, it is very beneficial in breathing and hiccups. The quantity can be increased or decreased according to the strength.
  • Take small peppers, amla and dry ginger in equal quantity and filter the powder and keep this powder safe. By eating this powder mixed with honey and sugar candy, breathing and hiccups are destroyed. Cough and breath are also destroyed by licking bitter code mixed with double honey.
  • After taking equal quantity of myrobalan and beaded peels after grinding them, filtering them and eating 1-1 gram powder in the morning and evening, the respiratory disease keeps on going.
  • Keeping one gram of venomous root in betel leaf and eating it for 21 days is beneficial in breathing diseases.

Some other home use anti-respiratory

  • Eating the kernels of mango kernels cures Eating the kernels of mango kernels cures breathing disease.
  • When the speed of breathing is high, then taking 0.5 grams asafetida and camphor tablets and giving it after 2-2 hours, the breathing becomes normal.
  • Take out the juice by crushing the garlic and drink it after heating it.
  • Boil dry radish and drink its water, it ends breathing and hiccups.
  • After eating roasted gram at night and drinking hot milk, the phlegm of the respiratory tract comes out.
  • Sucking 0.25 grams Shringabhasma and 2 black peppers in betel leaves ends asthma in 15 days.
  • Keeping mace in betel and eating it cures breathing disease and asthma.
  • Taking the powder of petha root with hot water ends cough and asthma.
  • Heat 34.99 grams of grape juice and give it to the patient, it reduces the speed of breathing. Soda by Carb (Eating Soda) 16 parts, number 2 parts both (Mardanam Guna) according to the increase) – mix well and fill capsules of 2-2 grains. Take this 1-1 capsule in the morning and evening with water. Old asthma gets uprooted by the use of this yoga.

The diet-patient is given the following 13 things to eat for 40 days

Everything else is forbidden.

Bread – wheat, barley.
Dal-Arhar, Moong.
Green gourd, Nenua, Parwal.
Refreshments – Raisins, dry grapes, sugar candy. Spices – pepper, salt.
Drinking Water

Important information – Do not take any other medicine for 48 days. In case of rapid breathing, licking sugar syrup mixed with black pepper provides relief.

Medical principle- The reasons due to which there has been an increase in eosinophil white cells, it should be resolved. If there is a related disease, then the use of anticipatory substances, If there are skin diseases, then it should be treated like allergies and destroyed. It occurs in one percent to four percent in health, but 70 percent to 80 percent of the disorders are also found to be enlarged.

Note- In allopathic, bactericidal, being strong medicines, it provides quick benefits in the speedy destruction of bacteria, whereas the principle of Ayurveda being Blame Ynank ‘ therapy is to bring health by bringing the doshas contaminated by the pathology caused by bacteria into equilibrium.

Note-Our Website Article are for Informational purposes only. mrqirf does not provide Medical Advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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