Khaby Lame Biography, Networth, GIRLFRIEND, AGE, Height

Khaby lame is the second most famous Tiktokar out of those same Tiktokers. we will know kahby lame biography, net worth girlfriend, age, height and more

To live in the world, God has given some talent to everyone, some have singing, some are dancing, some are teaching and everyone is an expert in their talent. Because of this, he is enjoying all the material things present in this world and whatever profession we choose becomes our talent like singing, dancing, teaching. The engineer is a doctor. Whatever we choose from these becomes our talent.

Along with the round, people having different talents get fame all over the world with that talent and everyone in the world starts knowing them.

In this modern era of media, different platforms are becoming available in front of us which help us to get fame. And just recently, Tiktok, which came some time ago, has established a different flag in the whole world.

Khaby lame is the second most famous Tiktokar out of those same Tiktoks. Whose today we will know Biography, Networth Girlfriend, Age, Height and more.

Khaby lame Life Story

Khaby lame real name is Khabana lame. Khaby lame was born on 09th March 2000 in Senegal, West Africa. Later he went to go Italy for his studies. He has become very famous today for his unique videos, Khaby lame height 6 feet 1 inch. It tells that since childhood, he had a different view of seeing everything and his perspective is completely different from the common people and this is the reason that has made him so famous on Tiktok. He says that what these people want to show by showing the work which is done very easily in a reverse way.

One of the reasons for making his Tik Tok video is that once he was watching a video on Tik Tok. In which he sees that people break walnuts sometimes with their heads, sometimes with a machine, and sometimes by tossing them in a box. Seeing this thing makes them laugh a lot.

He started making videos against it which people liked very much and his fame increased day by day.

Khaby Lame says that he had no idea at all that in a few months his followers would be in the millions. He used to upload these videos just for fun and to teach people nothing.

In view of this, Khaby Lame also made his account on Instagram and on that too his followers started increasing gradually, today he has 41.7 million followers. Khaby lame is in a relationship with Zaira Nucci. Zaira Nucci is from Sciacca.


Full Name Khabana Lame
Profession Short Video Creator, Viral Star, Content Creator, Social Media
Famous Khaby lame become popular on the video-Sharing platform Tik Tok,
Instagram and Twitter
Nick NameKhaby Lame
Khaby Lame

Khaby lame LifeStyle

He comes second in the Tiktok video creator ranking, he Upload his first video on 20 March. 2020.

Birth PlaceSenegal West Africa
Date of Birth9th March 2000
Present Age (2021)21 Years old
Zodiac SignPisces
Chivasso Turin
Traveling, Listening to music, photography, Swimming
Gym Fitness, playing Sports

Martial Status and More

Martial StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendZaira Nucci

Physically Status

Height6 feet 1 inch
Eye Colour
75 Kilogram

Social Media

Instagram41.7 followers
Facebook183,988 people like on Facebook
Tik Tok
Following on Tik Tok
108.3 Million Followers
59 Following

Who is khaby lame ?

He is a famous Tik Toker and Silent Comedian also on Tik Tok and Instagram. He becomes famous for his Short Tik Tok comedy videos. Now he is living in Italy. Khaby lame religion is Muslims Family. He likes to Play Football and Basketball in High School and he is the champion of junior level Basketball.

Khaby Biography, Networth, Girlfriend, Age, Height

How Much khaby lame networth ?

As You Know, Khbay lame has been followed by 108.3 million people on Tik Tok and 41,7 million followers on Instagram. According to 2021, Khaby lame net worth is $2 million USA dollars.

Why is so Famous?

Because he creates video on seen to unreasonable complicates simple life hack Task. so he points out these videos and seems that life hacks are very simple and completed simply and he changes these videos into the short silent comedy and tells people without any language that can be simply understanding for everyone. so, that everyone can understand these videos make them happy and gave them happiness. that’s why Khaby lame become a superstar of Tik Tok and famous in the world.

Khaby lame Carrier

  • Khaby lame before become famous on Tik Tok he is a worker in a company and he operate CNC Machine and he is also very experienced person in the financial issuses.
  • He is also a Model of Dluirepubblica magazine.
  • Cause of COVID 19 Lockdown in 2020 he loose his job and unemployed. so, he started upload videos on Tik Tok.
  • In 26th April 2021 overtake the Gianluca vacchi as the most followed italian Tik Toker. and become famous in Italy and now in world.


What is the real name of khaby lame?

Khaby lame real name is Khabana lame

How tall is Khaby lame?

Khaby lame Height 6 feet 1 inch

How much khaby lame Net worth?

Khaby lame Net worth $2 million dollar 

How old is Kaby lame?

Khaby lame is 21 year old

What country is Khaby lame from?

Senegal, West Africa

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