Salman Khan Banned Divya Agrawal for Bigboss 15?

Everyone knows about Bigg Boss because it is a very popular show in India and not everyone likes to watch this show and the controversies that happen inside it and the conflict between people inside it, whatever happens inside it. It is good and it is also bad.

Salman Khan Banned Divya Agrawal for Bigboss 15

The one who attracts people to himself, that is why Big Boss has become very famous in India and everyone keeps praising it in some way, in different ways, the way of thinking of people is different about Big Boss.

Some people think that Big Boss is an army of lunatics whose leader is Salman Khan and some people think that it is a good show to entertain people, to understand people, we do not know what is your attitude. You can tell this, but come to that, I am going to tell you something that you might like.

Recently, the Big Boss OTP has ended, which has entertained the people a lot, those people also liked the conflict between the people and the conflict between the people, people appreciated and enjoyed it a lot. Big Booty is over and now people’s eyes are on the new season of Bigg Boss which is going to start from 2nd October.

This is the 15th season of Bigg Boss, as always, this time also the host of Bigg Boss Salman Khan has been made because Salman Khan is the host of this show for most of his people and because of this one can say. Because of hosting them, Salman Khan is kept in this because of his fan following and it is always a hit.

Salman Khan Banned Divya Agrawal for Bigboss 15
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But let us tell you that many questions and answers are going on among the people regarding misunderstand. Earlier it was being said that in season 15 of Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss and some contestants from behind will be transferred to Bigg Boss 15. But that doesn’t seem to be happening. Apart from Prateek Sehjpal, no contestant has received the offer of Bigg Boss 15 so far and Divya Aggarwal, who won, has said during a conversation with ETimes that she too has not received any offer from Bigg Boss yet.

Neither he has received any call to join Bigg Boss 15 and he said that I am still in Winning John and if Salman Khan or Bigg Boss season 15 allows me to come in this show So I would definitely like to enter this show without any hesitation although I am very much scared of Salman Khan.

Still I don’t mind doing Bigg Boss 15 and in Bigg Boss OTP house Divya Aggarwal had said many things against Karan Johar and Divya told Karan Johar what do you think yourself Yes and he had even spoken about his status in the show and speaking like this against Salman Khan can be overwhelming for everyone because Salman Khan keeps a different image of himself in the industry and says it somewhere against his honor. Can be linked to given words.

The makers of Bigg Boss also do not want to send any such contestant to the Bigg Boss house who comment against Salman Khan and fire against him because then Salman Khan will not leave him and I will also show him the way out of debt and he will not have any entry. Will be given who will abuse Salman Khan and make any indecent remarks against him and maybe this may be the reason why Bigg Boss makers will not want to give entry to Divya Aggarwal in Bigg Boss 15 house even after making a promise because she did not want to give entry to Salman Khan. have spoken abusive words against khan

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